Brian Laundrie may have made two more confessions, lawyer for Gabby Petito’s parents says

  • August 10, 2022

A bombshell revelation reveals that Brian Laundrie may have made two more confessions, including one on a digital device, according to a lawyer representing the Petito family.

Florida-based attorney Pat Reilly, who is handling the civil suit on behalf of Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt, said the FBI told him of other possible confessions made by Brian Laundrie, a source confirmed with

One confession was believed to have been recorded on a digital device. The second confession was made in some type of written form.

Reilly said from what he was told the confessions are ‘somewhat different.’ reached out to Petito’s lawyer Pat Reilly to confirm the existence of the additional Laundrie confessions but were unable to reach him.

In June, Reilly appeared on NewsNation claiming the Laundries’ attorney, Steve Bertolino is in possession of a letter from Roberta Laundrie to her son Brian that reportedly reads ‘burn after you read this’ on the envelope.

The letter was not dated, but according to Reilly was written within the time that Petito was murdered and Brian Laundrie committed suicide, the lawyer claims.

Reilly called the letter ‘odd’ and ‘pretty interesting.

He would not elaborate further just that the letter referenced Gabby Petito, the news outlet reported.

At the time of the interview, Reilly said he had not reviewed the new evidence, it is unclear if he has obtained them at this time.

Gabrielle Petito, 22, (pictured right) was reported missing on September 11, 2021 after traveling with her boyfriend around the country in a van. Gabby never returned home. It was later revealed that she had reportedly been killed by her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, 23, (pictured left) in this undated photo

Joseph Petito, Gabby Petito's father speaking at a 2021 news conference.

Joseph Petito, Gabby Petito’s father speaking at a 2021 news conference.

Gabby Petito's grief-stricken mother, Nichole Schmidt speaking at a news conference

Gabby Petito’s grief-stricken mother, Nichole Schmidt speaking

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Alberta legal aid lawyers threaten job action over ‘perpetual funding neglect’

  • August 10, 2022

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Alberta lawyers who represent low income clients are threatening to walk off the job over what they call “perpetual funding neglect” of Legal Aid Alberta.

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On Saturday, three organizations representing criminal defense lawyers across Alberta issued an ultimatum to Justice Minister Tyler Shandro, months after Crown prosecutors made similar demands for additional funding

“The most minimal provision of legal aid services in Alberta is at a breaking point,” states the news release. “While we are prepared to collaborate with other stakeholders to solve this crisis, our cooperation is contingent upon a meaningful commitment by the government to adequate fund Legal Aid Alberta now.

“To ensure the government understands the immediacy of this crisis and the importance of this funding, our organizations are taking steps towards job action.”

The release is signed by the Edmonton-based Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association (CTLA), Calgary’s Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association and the Southern Alberta Defense Lawyers’ Association.

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Unlike the public defender system in the United States, defense lawyers in Alberta are not employed directly by the government. Rather, they are paid

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Defense lawyers threaten job action over Legal Aid Alberta funding

  • August 9, 2022

Three organizations that represent hundreds of defense lawyers in Alberta are threatening job action if the provincial government does not increase funding for Legal Aid Alberta.

The Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association of Calgary, the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association of Edmonton, and the Southern Alberta Defense Lawyers’ Association of Lethbridge sent letters to Justice Minister Tyler Shandro in mid-July requesting a funding discussion before July 29.

The associations say the government is refusing to properly fund Legal Aid Alberta (LAA), a non-profit organization that provides legal services to Albertans in family, domestic violence, child welfare, immigration and criminal defense cases.

The defense lawyers I Alberta lawyers who take legal aid cases are underpaid compared to those in Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario and that many have become crown prosecutors to obtain better compensation.

“The most minimal provision of legal aid services in Alberta is at a breaking point,” the groups said in a joint press release Saturday.

The associations plan to meet on Wednesday night to discuss and vote on next steps, including the withdrawal of their services.

Danielle Boisvert is president of the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association in Edmonton. Her association is one of three calling on the Alberta government for Legal Aid Alberta funding increases. (Submitted by Danielle Boisvert)

Danielle Boisvert, president of the CTLA in Edmonton, said the job action “would have a serious, direct and immediate impact on everybody else in the justice system.”

She said without legal aid lawyers, many more Albertans would try to represent themselves in court, leading to more work for crown prosecutors and judges and increasing the possibility of wrongful convictions.

Pay discrepancies

LAA, which is mainly funded by the province, served more than 34,000 clients last year.

Boisvert said legal aid cases make up about half of most defense lawyers’ workload,

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Did your car flood in southwest IL? Here’s how to file an insurance claim

  • August 7, 2022

As residents of southwest Illinois and the greater St. Louis area try to navigate flood lossessome may look to file insurance claims for automobile damage.

Comprehensive coverage isn’t always required, but if you have that type of plan, it may cover repairs or replacement of your vehicle after your deductible has been met.

Limits may apply to how much insurance companies will give you for repairs or replacement.

Water damage may be covered if your car is stuck in floodwater or if driving through water causes damage to your vehicle. Other types of storm damage may also be coveredsuch as damage from fallen tree limbs or hail, according to Progressive’s website.

Insurance plans typically do not cover after-market electronics, including GPS devices, stereos or anything else the owner installed.

You should review your policy or contact your insurer for the specifics of your coverage.

How can you file an insurance claim for flood-related car damage?

The first thing to do is to take pictures and video of your car submerged in water and try to show the water level. The water level can make a difference in whether an insurance company determines your car is totaledaccording to car media site Motortrend.

Once you’ve documented the damage if possible, you can begin the claim process. Most large insurance companies offer online claim systems along with apps, where you can report damage or place your claim over the phone.

It’s best to submit your claim as early as possible and take detailed notes throughout the process, Motortrend says. While mechanics examine your car and your insurance company investigates the claim, check for any damage that may not have been immediately visible.

The claim process will vary by insurance company, but here’s what the process looks like according to

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Legal aid lawyers reach breaking point, request more funding from province

  • August 7, 2022

Legal aid has reached a breaking point and Alberta defense lawyers are looking to the province for more funding.

Alberta’s legal aid program has been underfunded for years, said Ian Savage, the president of the Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

“Every now and then we try and get the government’s attention to the crisis and they put some money towards it on a band-aid type solution,” he said.

According to Savage, in 2018, a four-year provincial funding agreement was put in place with Rachel Notley’s NDP government. However, that funding decreased starting in 2020.

In May of this year, the province gave Legal Aid Alberta the green light to modernize its lawyer-building framework. But lawyers are saying that if there’s no money, then there’s no sense in the project.

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Edmonton court mixes law with psychology to find ‘meaningful resolutions’ for at-risk Albertans

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“What legal aid has been given or not been given in terms of what it can work with to revamp the tariffs, as a whole, puts legal aid in a position where it can only do so much,” said Danielle Boisvert, a criminal defense lawyer in Edmonton and the president of the Criminal Trial Lawyers’ Association.

Legal Aid Alberta is trying to pay lawyers for longer trials, said Boisvert, but that means taking away money from smaller files which make up about 70 per cent of cases the defense lawyers take on.

“If you’re getting paid less on each file, what are you going to do if you’re going to keep working in this industry as a defense lawyer for legal aid? What you need to

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How to Set Up a Power of Attorney

  • August 6, 2022

When it comes to a power of attorney document, you don’t seem to need it — until you suddenly, desperately…

When it comes to a power of attorney documents, you don’t seem to need it — until you suddenly, desperately do.

Designing a power of attorney is crucial to creating a strong financial plan, but you might be surprised to learn many experts recommend that this power be named as soon as individuals turn 18 years old. Without a power of attorney, even your spouse may not be able to make medical or financial decisions for you if you were to become incapacitated — depending on the state in which you reside and the policies of your financial institutions.

“If you lose the capacity to make those decisions, someone still has to have that right — whether family members or sometimes even the state,” says Cynthia Griffin, an estate planning attorney at Burnett and Griffin in Kentucky. “A lot of people are really concerned about giving someone else the power to act on their behalf when it comes to their personal and private banking, real estate,” she says, but there are many options to consider when drafting the power of attorney documents that can make individuals more comfortable.

What Is Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney allows a third party, known as the attorney-in-fact or the agent, to make financial, legal and sometimes health decisions on someone’s behalf. Without a power of attorney, loved ones can be rendered unable to manage the health care decisions and finances of any adult who is unable to do so themselves — whether that individual is a 19-year-old car accident victim or a 90-year- old needing nursing home care.

“From the moment you turn 18, you need this,” says Jennifer D. Taddeo, estate

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Car Warranty Insurance Protects Drivers of Second-Hand Vehicles Facing Hefty Repair Bills

  • August 6, 2022

Though vehicles have evolved and become safer, the costs for parts and repairs have steadily increased over the years

Featured Image for eric Insurance

Featured Image for eric Insurance

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Modern cars deliver higher levels of comfort, fuel economy, safety and connectivity than ever before. However, this increased technological capability brings with it a high level of complexity that can result in costly repairs when things go wrong. Eric Insurance Manager of Warranty Business Development and Operation Craig Barnard explains how modern cars can be both a blessing and a curse.

“Cars are better, safer and more comfortable to drive than ever. However, the high number of computer-controlled systems and sensors in modern cars makes them highly complex. The three enemies of computer and electronic components are heat, moisture and vibration, and in a car, you get all of those in spades so sooner or later something will fail. As a result, what might seem like a small issue can be quite complicated and cost thousands of dollars to repair,” explains Barnard.

According to the comprehensive car insurance specialists, some of the costs for different claims from customers include electrical and electronic systems, with an average claim cost of over $1,000; cooling system claims averaging around $1,400; air conditioning systems claims averaging around $1,900; engine claims averaging over $2,500; while transmission claims averaged a massive $6,300.

Opting for warranty cover makes sense for many drivers as they would struggle to cover such huge costs when the unexpected happens. If a car has run out of its manufacturer’s warranty, there are a range of warranty options available from eric, with terms ranging from 12 to 36 months.

Annual premiums for eric’s 3-star warranty average just $378, while the average

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US sues Idaho over abortion law, cites medical treatment

  • August 6, 2022

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The Justice Department on Tuesday filed a lawsuit that challenges Idaho’s restrictive abortion law, arguing that it conflicts with a federal law requiring doctors to provide pregnant women medically necessary treatment that could include abortion.

The federal government brought the lawsuit seeking to invalidate the state’s “criminal prohibition on providing abortions as applied to women suffering medical emergencies,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said.

The announcement is the first major action by the Justice Department challenging a state trigger law since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. The court’s decision has led some states to enact restrictive abortion laws and is likely to lead to abortion bans in roughly half the states in the US

The Justice Department brought the suit because federal prosecutors believe Idaho’s law would force doctors to violate the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, a federal law that requires anyone coming to a medical facility for emergency treatment to be stabilized and treated, Garland said.

“Idaho’s law would make it a criminal offense for doctors to provide the emergency medical treatment that federal law requires,” Garland said.

Idaho, like many Republican-led states, has several anti-abortion laws on the books, creating a legal quagmire now that the US Supreme Court has overturned the landmark abortion rights case Roe v. Wade.

The law targeted by the Justice Department criminalizes all abortions, subjecting anyone who performs or attempts to perform an abortion to a felony punishable by between two and five years in prison.

People who are charged under the law could defend themselves against the criminal allegations by arguing that the abortion was done to save a pregnant person from death, or that it was done after the pregnant person reported that they were a victim of rape or incest to

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Legal Aid free walk-in clinic Aug. 10

  • August 6, 2022

Jul. 30—GREENSBURG — Legal Aid announces a free Legal Aid walk-in clinic from 3 to 5 pm Wednesday, August 10, at the Greensburg/Decatur County Public Library, 1110 E. Main Street.

The free clinic is for low-income residents.

The Legal Aid Clinic and pro bono program utilizes local volunteer attorneys offering free legal consultations to low-income individuals for the provision of legal advice and assistance in furtherance of equal access to justice within our community whom might not otherwise be able to afford the counsel of an attorney.

Individuals coming to the Legal Aid Clinic can expect to receive a 10-minute consultation to answer general and eviction questions, offer legal information, or to receive other limited pro se assistance or advice, in person, on a first-come, first-served base.

This is not for those with criminal law questions.

There is no need to register in advance.

Can’t attend these clinics? Visit to find additional clinics and other ways to get free legal help.

About Legal Aid

Legal Aid is a non-profit agency providing free civil legal services, attorney referrals and legal clinics to low-income individuals, covering eight counties in South Central Indiana.

Legal Aid serves residents of Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Jackson, Jennings, Johnson, Rush, and Shelby counties.

Legal Aid is part of Pro Bono Indiana.

Information provided — Information provided

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How insurance agents can reach major carriers

  • August 5, 2022

Home insurance group Hippo acquired the startup at the end of 2020 and has continued the company as a subsidiary. First Connect president Aviad Pinkovezky (pictured) explained that the platform gives independent agencies a valuable way to expand their reach.

“The relationship that First Connect has with different insurance carriers allows independent agencies to get access to those carriers without necessarily meeting production volume and so on, which in many cases could be difficult to obtain,” Pinkovezky said.

Pinkovezky was previously Hippo’s chief product officer, helping it to develop technology tools and products that bring its policies and services to market. The former LinkedIn executive and ex-Israeli intelligence officer was Hippo’s first employee and helped the company enter and expand in the US homeowners’ market. He became president of First Connect in February 2022.

Now the company has more than 40 carrier partners and thousands of independent insurance agency or agent customers. Pinkovezky is focused on helping both sides of the business grow, but with an asterisk.

“The focus here is not necessarily just [growth], because you want to make sure you have the right kind of carriers that provide … the availability of the insurance product in the best way that is possible, which means they are able to provide support for the scale of agents that we have,” Pinkovezky said. “Quality takes priority over everything else.”

Beyond home insurance, First Connect also provides carriers access to agents in auto, life and commercial insurance – part of its expanded reach after Hippo’s acquisition.

Earlier in July, First Connect added Cowbell Cyber ​​to its platform – an MGA insurtech focused on providing cyber coverage to small- and medium-sized businesses.

“When I joined the leadership team of First Connect, we started to double down on growing the business, taking it

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