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How SMB Law Firm Is Building Its Client Base on Twitter and LinkedIn

  • November 7, 2023

While much of the internet has been lamenting the slow demise of X (formerly Twitter) since Elon Musk’s takeover, some businesses are still thriving on the platform.

That’s the case with SMB Law, a boutique law firm focused on small businesses founded by Eric Pacifici, Kevin Henderson, and Sam Rosati in 2022.

“We’ve seen overall engagement drop on Twitter, but the quality of engagement and leads, not necessarily,” Henderson told Insider.

The firm said its business is skyrocketing — it’s helped buy and sell small businesses in deals valued at $857 million since its inception, with $783 million in 2023 alone, and worked with a total of 271 clients.

The initiative to start SMB Law came from Pacifici. He had created an account on X in 2021 (when it was still Twitter). At the time, he was working in Big Law and was looking to purchase a small business himself.

“There’s a really robust small-business community on Twitter called SMB Twitter, or SMB X,” Pacifici told Insider. “Nobody’s trying to build Uber, they’re trying to buy HVAC companies, tree-trimming businesses, commercial-cleaning businesses.”

Pacifici began networking and discussing small-business law under the anonymous handle @SMB_attorney, and his account quickly gained a following (it now has 95,000 followers).

The more he shared about law and his life, the more he established himself as a reputable voice in the small-business community on the platform, and began receiving dozens of requests from people to help with deals. He decided it was worth going out on his own.

He recruited fellow attorney and friend Henderson, and Rosati, who they met on social media. The three quit their jobs and founded SMB in July 2022.

“We felt like we were jumping off of a proverbial cliff in making this decision,” Pacifici said. “About a week

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