Brownwood library adds virtual court kiosk for legal aid

  • May 16, 2023

“Better Call Saul.” Well, that would be great if he wasn’t a fictional lawyer who worked pro bono. But at Brownwood public library, there is free legal service that is available to the public.

“The main thing I think to say is, it’s free! It’s free legal help to people who need it,” said Suzanne Dowdy, Director of Children’s Services at the Brownwood library. “And that can use it for that purpose. Because legal fees we all know, cost a fortune. And they can do a lot of leg work here. A lot of free conversations with whoever their attorney is. Research their case. There’s a lot of stuff they can do here and save money.”

Getting legal help isn’t cheap. And lower-income communities often don’t have either the access for the help of an attorney or the technology to research their litigation. The Texas Access to Justice Foundation— a nonprofit—are donating virtual kiosks throughout the state. According to this nonprofit, the goal for now is to implement 250 of these legal aid kiosks in different regions of the state. Dowdy said the Brownwood library was recently awarded this kiosk and is thankful for it.

“I’ll tell you this, in this town, we’re close to 20,000 people, including Early,” she said. “And we do have people who come in with a lot of needs for legal services. And we didn’t have the resources. I mean we were like you know, you can check out a book. My best advice has always been Google it.”

On the legal aid kiosk, people can attend a court hearing virtually, get an understanding of their legal issues, file and submit court forms and get help finding a lawyer.

“But this just brings it to a one stop shop where people

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Legal Aid Service Of Northeastern Minnesota Hosts 5k Fundraiser In Duluth

  • May 11, 2023

DULUTH, Minn. — It was a cold one Sunday morning as people participated in the Law Day 5k fundraiser.

The Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota hosted its second 5k fundraiser Sunday morning. Participants raised money through donations and raffle items to help provide funds for the Legal Aid Service.

This fundraiser will help them provide legal support to low-income families and senior citizens. By raising more money, the Legal Aid service is working to provide help to more people in Northeastern Minnesota. Representative Nate Grizzle is excited to see everyone come together in support.

“It’s exciting to see it all come together. you prepare, you plan, but until it’s actually going to day of, you don’t know what it’s going to be like. And it’s so fun to see people hanging out, milling about, entering in drawings, and enjoying the run. Even on a day like today where things are windy, it’s cold, but people are still having a good time and that’s heart warming to see,” said Nate Grizzle, Communication and Outreach Coordinator.

the Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota doesn’t want you to feel like you are left on your own if you can’t afford legal services.

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It’s time to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky | MORE VIEWER RESPONSE | Point of View

  • July 5, 2022

Let’s talk about medical marijuana and why it should be legal in Kentucky. I know, anytime this comes up, people on both sides of the issue make a big fuss, but it’s back in the news again.

Kudos to Governor Andy Beshear for creating a new medical marijuana advisory committee made up of people from the medical field, judicial system and other stakeholders.

By legalizing medical marijuana, it will benefit people who need it and also help the state financially by raising tax dollars. It’s time for Kentucky to evolve, and this is a step in the right direction.

Here’s what our viewers had to say:

“Not only should medical marijuana be legalized, but marijuana in general to create a huge flow of tax revenue. You can control it more than you do with it being illegal, and you put a dent in the drug trade from Mexico.”

“They’ll make big money from taxing it. You’d be surprised how much money you can make off of that stuff in Kentucky.”

“I’ve been clean off pills for nine years. CBD really helps me. Crazy that I can’t have it when I need it.”

“Medical and recreational marijuana should be put up to a vote by the people, instead of leaving it up to the politicians.”

“They legalized marijuana. They put some of these dealers out of business and stop some of these killings that’s going on in Louisville.”

“I know a lot of people that drinks, and drinking’s a whole lot worse. I say legalize marijuana!”

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