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Mail-in ballots continue to favor Bates in Baltimore state’s attorney race

  • July 29, 2022

Though thousands of mail-in ballots remain to be counted in the Democratic primary for Baltimore state’s attorney, early returns Thursday favored defense attorney Ivan Bates, who also came out ahead of two-term incumbent Marilyn Mosby in Election Day and early voting.

Baltimore Board of Elections staff began canvassing mail-in ballots Thursday morning, launching a process that is likely to take several days as staff members laboriously tally more than 20,000 ballots sent in by city voters.

As of Thursday evening, about 10,000 ballots had been counted. Bates won more than 3,700 votes, topping Mosby’s 2,100 votes. Thiru Vignarajah, a former deputy attorney general, won the most mail-in ballots on Thursday, with just over 4,000, but the votes did not make up for his third-place performance on Election Day.

The early tally did not bode well for Mosby, who needs a significant number of mail-in ballots to make up for Election Day’s results.

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby speaks before supporters and campaign workers at Melba's Place on primary election night in Baltimore.  Mosby has to capture roughly half of the mail-in ballots in the three-candidate race to overtake Ivan Bates.  (The Baltimore Sun via AP)

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby speaks before supporters and campaign workers at Melba’s Place on primary election night in Baltimore. (The Baltimore Sun via AP)

With all precincts reporting, Bates had 41% of the Election Day and early vote, while Mosby had 32% and Vignarajah lagged behind with 26%. Mosby needs about half of the mail-in ballots to go her way in order to secure a victory, a prospect that began to look less likely as Thursday’s canvass got underway.

As of Thursday morning, more than 22,000 Democratic mail-in ballots had been returned, or just over 50% of those sent out to voters. It is difficult to predict how many ballots are likely to return in the coming days, given the changes in voting patterns that took place during the pandemic.

In 2018, for example, the statewide return rate on mail-in ballots was about 70%, but in

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Tight State’s Attorney race has Ivan Bates in the lead, followed by Mosby

  • July 27, 2022

BALTIMORE — A sea of ​​red at Melba’s Tuesday night, all in support of States Attorney Marilyn Mosby vying for her 3rd term as the city’s top prosecutor.

Voters at the poles for the primaries weighed in on the heated race.

“I wanna elect someone who’s actually listening,” said one person.

Mosby’s facing off some familiar opponents, Ivan Bates and Thiru Vignarajah. She beat them both in 2018 securing her second term.

“I like the incumbent candidate, but I want somebody who I think can really focus on the issues and not have distractions,” said Michelle Moore, Baltimore City voter.

As top prosecutor, Mosby has a legal battle of her own, aside from this primary, she’s currently facing federal perjury and false mortgage application charges.

We’ve spoken with her attorney A. Scott Bolden several times since those indictments came down, and she maintains her innocence and stated those charges stemmed from “political” and “racial animus.”

Voters like Doug Fireside are aware of Mosby’s indictment and his focus is on the job itself.

“I’m thinking about the credibility factor, that is the candidate who I’m picking representing the people and someone who’s trust worthy, somebody who will get the job done, somebody who follows through on the promises,” said Doug Fireside, Baltimore City Voters.

While Baltimore’s persistent battle with gun violence is fresh on voters minds, Fireside is more concerned with the cases and if they’re being strongly prosecuted in court.

“It’s not the crime so much because that’s not the person who is charged with changing crime but it is, those are the cases that are being brought ones that go to trial and result in convictions,” said Fireside.

Meanwhile, around Baltimore, WMAR-2 News also had cameras at both of Mosby’s democratic challenger’s watch parties.

Vignarajah met with supporters, campaign

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