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Law firms and corporate law departments find strategic partners in ALSPs

  • May 2, 2023

As the market for ALSPs matures, law firms & corporate law departments are seeing the advantages to enlisting ALSPs as strategic partners.

Once regarded as last-minute stand-ins for overflow commodity work, alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) have quickly become strategic partners to both law firms and corporate law departments. And as ALSPs continue to mature, their outside perspective, ability to select and implement technology to drive efficiency, and commitment to improving outcomes by improving processes has helped them carve out a unique role in the legal services marketplace.

This growing trend was highlighted recently published , a data-driven report produced every two years by the Thomson Reuters Institute in partnership with The Center on Ethics and the Legal Profession at Georgetown Law and the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

And the growth message wasn’t lost on the report’s survey respondents. As one U.S.-based CEO and co-founder of an independent ALSP says: “We’re probably at literally 10 times the number of conversations from a year ago about, how do you mature your legal department? How do you adopt the next tech? How do you do a three-year tech plan? How do you do the organizational change? How do you transform your services?”

Interviews with more than a dozen additional ALSP leaders found that more strategic considerations are becoming a routine part of ALSP discussions across multiple service areas. For example, concerning using ALSPs to fill secondment arrangements, one partner in a law firm ALSP explains: “It has become much less of an emergency service — it always used to be, ‘Someone’s left, we’ve got a gap.’ Now it has become built into the way that large clients manage talent.”

<i><b>You can download a copy of the Thomson Reuters Institute’s&nbsp;</b></i> <a href=”” target=”_blank”><i><b>Alternative Legal Services Providers 2023 Report</b></i></a> <i><b>here.</b></i>

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Law Firm Insights: Slaughter and May’s Client Innovation Network

  • March 8, 2023

Billie Moore and Jezah Khamisa, knowledge & innovation managers at Slaughter and May, reflect on the genesis and growth of the magic circle firm’s Innovation Network, which provides a forum for clients to share ideas and experiences within the legal tech space.


In the summer of 2021, we launched a dedicated Innovation Network for members of in-house legal and legal operations teams at our client organisations. The Network serves as a forum for our clients to connect and share ideas and experiences within the innovation and legal tech space. We currently have around 90 individuals from across 50 of our client organisations involved in the Network, and this number continues to grow.

Prior to establishing a formal Network, we were regularly in touch with our clients around innovation related topics, including legal tech. When launching our legal tech programme, Collaborate, in 2019, we wanted to ensure our clients were involved in, and benefited from the programme, and therefore created a ‘Client Panel’ made up of six client organisations. In 2020 the panel grew to 12 client organisations, many of whom requested to be involved. We were also often collaborating with clients to offer innovation related training within their organisation.


Throughout these conversations, we recognised common themes, pressures and pain points arising, with many organisations facing similar opportunities and challenges. We felt that our clients could benefit from collaborating with each other directly, with us, and with our lawyers and so we set up the Client Innovation Network to facilitate this. Billie Moore has led the project since its launch.

“Working on our Client Innovation Network over the past year has been very exciting. Through the Network we are able to connect with our clients on innovation and legal tech as a group and offer access to

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