Gluckstein Lawyers positioned as a ‘thought leader and an information provider’ with new website

  • August 14, 2022

TORONTO, July 20, 2022 /CNW/ – Gluckstein Lawyers is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

Gluckstein Lawyers launches a new website in 2022. A trusted law firm since 1962 with a new online presence.  (CNW Group/Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers)

Gluckstein Lawyers launches a new website in 2022. A trusted law firm since 1962 with a new online presence. (CNW Group/Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers)

“When we set out to build our new site, we had an ambitious plan. We did not want our website to be seen as merely an advertising vehicle. We wanted to position Gluckstein Lawyers as a thought leader and an information provider,” says managing partner Charles E. Gluckstein. “I truly believe we have accomplished that goal.”

Founded in 1962 by Bernard Glucksteinthe firm built a stellar reputation in personal injury and has since become an industry leader in the field of catastrophic injury and medical malpractice with a particular focus on birth injury.

Firm has expanded its reach

“In recent years, we have welcomed some notable additions, including senior lawyer” data-ylk=”slk:Richard Halpren” class=”link “Richard Halpren who acts exclusively for injured people in birth trauma cases,” says Gluckstein. “We expanded our reach, teaming with Ottawa trial lawyer Derek Nicholson and Barrie-area litigator Steve Rastin. This year, sexual abuse lawyers Simona Jellinek, Erin Ellisand Ivanna Iwasykiw joined our growing firm and most recently Class action and Mass tort lawyers James Newland and Brian Moher have solidified a further practice area for our organization. As we continue to expand our practice areas, it has become clear that the website that had served us well over the years needed a new look.”

With the help of Cubicle Fugitive, the firm designed a website that is crisp, bright and visually appealing. It has a cleaner look, with more white background that captures the eye. The images chosen are appealing and effective, providing a

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Steps to Create an Estate Plan

  • August 10, 2022

Some people who pay professionals to fill out their tax returns, mow their lawns, or color their hair cannot bring themselves to pay a lawyer to prepare an estate plan for them. They do not want to spend thousands of dollars on something that they think they can do themselves with will-writing software that sells for less than $100. It’s possible to get a very basic estate plan for $1,200 to $2,000 if you shop around, says Deborah Jacobs, a lawyer in New York City.

An experienced attorney can use legal software more efficiently than you can. More important, he or she can offer customized solutions if your situation is complicated. Your needs are too complex for a do-it-yourself estate plan if you must provide for a disabled child, you owe estate taxes, or you own a business. Consumer Reports tested three will-writing products in 2011 with the help of a law professor specializing in estates and trusts. We concluded that all were inadequate unless a very simple plan was required, such as one that leaves everything to a spouse, with no other provisions.

Jacobs suggests a compromise. “I encourage consumers to seek the help of a lawyer and I also tell them to shop aggressively on price,” she said. “You can go out and get multiple bids, just as you would if you were getting your house painted.”

Start by getting referrals to lawyers with expertise in estate planning from your accountant or financial planner, or check the websites of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys for estate-planning specialists in your area.

Then call a few and ask how much they will charge, if anything, to meet with you for an hour and discuss your estate planning needs. After

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