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East Haven hires lawyers over Tweed New Haven airport concerns

  • August 16, 2022

NEW HAVEN — East Haven has hired two outside law firms to represent it with regard to the proposed expansion of Tweed New Haven Regional Airport, with Mayor Joe Carfora telling the Town Council that months of meetings have been in “offers that simply do not address the root concerns about this proposed move to East Haven.”

The proposal would also move the main airport entrance to the East Haven side.

“Frankly, we have spoken with, and inquired of host cities throughout the country,” Carfora wrote Tuesday. “But for me it always comes back to the simple fact that the benefits to the region, New Haven, and Yale cannot be placed in higher regard than the impact that this expansion will have on our town, those who live near Tweed, and those who are in the air-flight paths.”

So does this mean East Haven now will actively fight expansion?

Town officials wouldn’t say.

Town Attorney Michael Luzzi said East Haven “without question” hired Pullman & Comley and DSR, LLC, whose principal is Daniel S. Reimer, “to protect East Haven’s interests.”

He wouldn’t comment further.

Carfora said via text message that “both firms offer expertise in aviation matters and the FAA. It is crucial that we engage specialized legal representation at this juncture, to ensure the interests of our town remain protected, especially in anticipation of the Environmental Assessment study.”

“We look forward to their advice on everything from environmental impacts, land use, zoning, traffic, noise, public safety, and any other FAA considerations,” Carfora said.

“As I said in my letter to the Town Council, it is not reasonable that the majority of jet parking, all flight arrivals and departures, public safety impacts, along with all passenger parking be placed on the East Haven side without protecting our community, Carfora

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