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How Aegon Life Insurance is leveraging digital for business transformation, ET CIO

  • May 15, 2023

Today’s digital landscape has drastically changed the pace of business and information flow, with customers seeking innovative ways to connect and employees expecting flexibility and empowerment to meet new demands. To keep up, banking, financial services, and insurance institutions require a new type of agility and efficiency, particularly when it comes to customer experience. However, it’s crucial to recognize that digitization should not come at the expense of security, as increased digital interaction can bring about risks such as cyberattacks and security incidents. Hence, companies must ensure seamless collaboration and operation of systems, regardless of data, applications, or local and global business communities. Let’s find out how an insurance major is leveraging digital for business transformation.

Aegon Life Insurance, a digital life insurance company, has revolutionized its operations with a new digital platform, delivering a seamless and straight-through experience for purchasing policies. With a visionary ‘Pure Digital 2.0’ strategy, the insurance firm is pioneering an AI-driven approach to financially secure every Indian household. But it’s not just about convenience and efficiency – this strategy is also firmly rooted in the principles of security and privacy.

The company realized that in its journey of digital transformation, building digital trust among customers and partners has become paramount. To achieve this objective and ensure unbeatable data security, the company has a hybrid infrastructure with a multi-cloud environment. State-of-the-art cloud-native solutions like SOCaaS, DLP, PAM, EDR, cloud posture management and workload protection have been deployed to ensure security and reliability. These solutions have helped with better visibility and governance of infrastructure for proactive risk detection and mitigation. The organization also has DevSecOps with an automated CI/CD pipeline for secure development.

Benchmarking to global standards and thus assuring the security of customer information, Aegon Life has also achieved ISO 27001 certification for its

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