Legalize it! Ice cream trucks legal again in Aurora

A frozen dessert desert no longer: Aurora is now allowing ice cream trucks back into city limits after decades of having them outlawed.

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Aurora city council member Dustin Zvonek said this just happened to be a part of their bigger push to eliminate outdated or unnecessary laws on the books through their “red tape reduction” process.

“There was a concern about the nuisance, the music, going up and down streets,” Zvonek explained.

Now the board has unanimously voted to approve the repeal of the ban. Aurora Police department has said officers will stop enforcing the rule right away, even before it’s officially pulled to make sure trucks can be in town for the 4th of July celebrations.



, Aurora police also said they have no record of ever enforcing the law in their entire records history search, although anecdotal accounts from Colorado ice cream trucks have said they’ve been asked to move along by cops before. Still, no tickets or fines on the books.

This repeal comes with strict safety guidelines, like keeping the trucks off the streets at dark. They will only be allowed to operate between 10 am and sundown. Trucks must also be pulled up to the sidewalk and can not sell any direction besides away from the street. Drivers will also be put through background checks to make sure the people serving children ice cream are legally allowed to be there.

Zvonek said the rules and regulations going into place are very similar to other municipalities nearby.

Meanwhile, this new open territory opens new opportunities for companies like the Ice Cream Wagon, a company that owns several classic ice cream trucks in the metro area.

An engineer named Paul told Mountain Newsroom Reporter Spencer Wilson he’d taken calls from kids hopeful that a truck would make a stop through their neighborhoods, but had to let them down once he learned they were calling from Aurora.



“Sorry, we just can’t deliver out there!” Paul would explain.

Now that’s changed, and excited callers from Aurora will be able to experience that quintessential summer experience of holding excitedly to money given by a parent or guardian and racing after a truck, blaring that same out ice cream truck song.

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