Gluckstein Lawyers positioned as a ‘thought leader and an information provider’ with new website

TORONTO, July 20, 2022 /CNW/ – Gluckstein Lawyers is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

Gluckstein Lawyers launches a new website in 2022. A trusted law firm since 1962 with a new online presence.  (CNW Group/Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers)

Gluckstein Lawyers launches a new website in 2022. A trusted law firm since 1962 with a new online presence. (CNW Group/Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers)

“When we set out to build our new site, we had an ambitious plan. We did not want our website to be seen as merely an advertising vehicle. We wanted to position Gluckstein Lawyers as a thought leader and an information provider,” says managing partner Charles E. Gluckstein. “I truly believe we have accomplished that goal.”

Founded in 1962 by Bernard Glucksteinthe firm built a stellar reputation in personal injury and has since become an industry leader in the field of catastrophic injury and medical malpractice with a particular focus on birth injury.

Firm has expanded its reach

“In recent years, we have welcomed some notable additions, including senior lawyer” data-ylk=”slk:Richard Halpren” class=”link “>Richard Halpren who acts exclusively for injured people in birth trauma cases,” says Gluckstein. “We expanded our reach, teaming with Ottawa trial lawyer Derek Nicholson and Barrie-area litigator Steve Rastin. This year, sexual abuse lawyers Simona Jellinek, Erin Ellisand Ivanna Iwasykiw joined our growing firm and most recently Class action and Mass tort lawyers James Newland and Brian Moher have solidified a further practice area for our organization. As we continue to expand our practice areas, it has become clear that the website that had served us well over the years needed a new look.”

With the help of Cubicle Fugitive, the firm designed a website that is crisp, bright and visually appealing. It has a cleaner look, with more white background that captures the eye. The images chosen are appealing and effective, providing a degree of comfort to visitors.

Ease of navigation an important component

Searchable functionality was vital and the site allows users to find articles that link up to the profile of the lawyers who wrote them. Visitors can search for almost anything from the first page without having to navigate in the menus. The website was developed to appeal equally to the mobile community that doesn’t have a mouse, and the person working at a desktop computer.

Gluckstein says one of the primary goals with this reformulated website was to provide “added value.”

“Our aim was to be an information source, and we have accomplished that. We have blogs, FAQs, videos and podcasts that offer advice and guidance,” he says. “You can access and download all the podcasts we have done over the past few years. Not many competitors have podcasts, so we wanted to showcase the exceptional work that we do with these audio files. We also wanted this website to be a source of information for the legal community so we offer research papers and guides.

“We believe the ease of use and the wealth of information offered will keep visitors to our site engaged. They will see it as an effective tool in their search for justice rather than merely a promotional platform for our services,” Gluckstein added.

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